Friday, January 12, 2007

Feed or Kill? 11x14

This is a quick one today. Just wanted to post it even though it needs tweaking and I haven't even signed it. It was 5:00 PM by the time I broke away from the studio and tried to photograph it so it was too dark outside and I had to photograph it in artificial light that made it too orange and reflected shine off the wet paint. It's oil on an 11x14 canvas board and available for $100 or if you're interested in seeing a finished, signed picture, please e-mail me: Thanks for looking.


Parapluie said...

Thanks for sharing such a powerful statement. "Feed or Kill?" The child at the center with two gardian women perhaps shrouded from head to toe. Everything about the painting is tragic.

irenecorey said...

I just discovered where to find comments to my paintings and was so happy to see yours. I thought no one cared about humanitarian subjects...only pretty little flowers and landscapes. You are the only one. Thank you so much. Irene